What is Psy-Country?

Psychedelic Country, often referred to as Psy-Country, emerges as a distinctive sub-genre within the Visionary Art Movement. Originating in 2013, this genre finds its roots in a series of oil paintings by West Virginia's sacred artist, Brian C. Zickafoose. These artworks delve into the mystical realms of nature, offering a unique exploration.

Central to the Psy-Country Series are paintings that showcase a harmonious blend of stylized geometry and imaginative flora, harmonizing with realistically depicted animals within psychedelic country landscapes.

For all Psy-Country licensed art and merchandise, visit PsyCountry.com, the official online shop. We take pride in offering products made in America, ensuring sustainability in our sourcing. For wholesale inquiries, feel free to contact us at Hello@BrianZickafoose.com.