Triangulating Future Hangs

$ 888.88

Introducing "Triangulating Future Hangs," a mesmerizing op-art creation by the visionary artist Brian C. Zickafoose. This unique piece invites you to immerse yourself in a world of trippy triangles, skillfully crafted to captivate and intrigue. Collaborating with celestial craftsman Christopher Cobb, a frame of celestial design, adorned with black glitter and enamel, elevates this diamond of artwork into outer space.

Product Details:
- Title: Triangulating Future Hangs
- Artist: Brian C. Zickafoose
- Medium: Oil Paint and Egg Tempera on Triangle Wood Panels
- Frame: 3-tier Shadowbox encrusted with Black Glitter and Enamel

This one-of-a-kind relic is a testament to the artist's innovation and the celestial touch of Christopher Cobb. "Triangulating Future Hangs" is a visual journey, where each triangle tells a story, and the frame itself is a cosmic collaboration, enhancing the overall allure of the artwork.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary piece before it vanishes into the hands of a lucky collector. Click on the image to experience a short product reveal video, as photos alone cannot capture the true essence of this masterpiece.

Immerse your space in the hypnotic charm of "Triangulating Future Hangs" and let the convergence of artistry and celestial craftsmanship transform your surroundings.

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